The revelation was made during a press conference held by President and CEO of Barrick Corporation, Mr. Mark Bristow. According to him, the Kibali gold mine, one of the largest in the world, remained on track halfway to meet its annual production targets. For now, Kibali continues to replace its reserves faster than it operates and now has a resource base that is approaching the levels of 2013 when the mine first started, finally Kibali is able to maintain its production rate well beyond the 10-year timeline of its current business plan, he continues.

Mr Mark Bristow also specifies in the press release sanctioning this press conference Kibali injected $ 3.6 billion into the DRC economy in the form of taxes, salaries, payments to local suppliers and tangible contributions to the economy and infrastructure. During the year alone, it paid out $ 73.8 million to local businesses, in line with its policy of favoring Congolese contractors and suppliers. It also gives priority to local employment, and of the 5,341 employees and subcontractors who were on site at the end of June, 94% were Congolese nationals, according to the same press release.

The same source adds that Kibali largely uses clean energy, generated by its three hydropower plants. Its water recycling and reuse rate being 78% higher than the target, thus reducing its withdrawal from the Kibali River. It also continues to reforest the surrounding area, with 6,716 trees planted in the last quarter, and actively supports initiatives to protect the elephants in Garamba National Park. Finally, Kibali continues to strengthen the mutually beneficial partnerships that it has forged with several stakeholders across the country including central, provincial and territorial governments; the local host community; civil society and a large body of highly skilled entrepreneurs and suppliers concludes this release.


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